Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Help Ted Rino Mckoy Raise funds to document a Jankunu History story

"I am a social entrepreneur and I have started the first Social Enterprise in Belize. I am on a mission to battle social exclusion by empowering young people through the commoditization of local nuances and skills."

"I believe that by globalizing certain aspects of ones culture such as art forms, people can find new motivations to keep their culture alive and to preserve natural environment on which it depends." 

 "Efficient processes that take into account the new reality of the global culture can help to create sustainability as it relates to people and diversity. 

I am a garifuna Economics student looking to enterprise to save my culture."Ted Rino Mckoy

One of His website that was found to raisefunds is tell the community that he wants Document a story about Jankunu.  Ted Rino Mckoy mentioned that the tradition of Jankunu Dance is a story telling about people and art and is recognized by intellectuals as the only truly Native Afro Caribbean Art Form.

“There are many stories about the origin of this ancient art form and many people disagree as they try to understand it. Which ever way Jankunu is an ancient  Afro-Caribbean art form that survived slavery and colonialism not because of resistance but because it is beautiful, says McKoy.
“This Documentary film will tell the story about a group of young boys who are fighting to keep their culture alive by dancing and practicing Jankunu,”, he added.

Co-founder on RocketHub.com, All where the funding website he is using to raise funds process a documentary about the Jankunu Dance. 

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