Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Doctor Jaime Awe announced that he has Relinquish as the Director of the National Institute of Culture and History’s (NICH) Institute of Archaeology (IA)

Doctor Jaime Awe an Archaeological made a public announcement that he has reliquish as representor of the Director of the National Institute of Culture and History’s (NICH) Institute of Archaeology (IA). The unexpected announcement came during the 12th Annual Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium held on Tuesday, July 1st to Friday, July 4th. At this time their are no officials reports of Awe's replacement. But he is coming back to his originated in research and teaching.

Effectively on Thursday, July 31st, he will take his resignation, A statement made on July 1st stated that as an Archaeologist he will remain engaged in Belize’s archaeological studies. President of NICH, Diane Haylock expressed her surprise at Dr. Awe’s decision but is nevertheless grateful for his contributions to the archaeological field.

Doctor Jaime Awe  expresses his personal opinion  “I thank everyone for the support and assistance offered to me during my time as Director of the IA and the additional work I have done, without you, my success would not be possible. To the Belizean community, I urge you to be more involved in the preservation and conservation of the country’s archaeological assets, for it is important to safeguard them for future generation to come My decision to resign had nothing to do with any personal issues, professional issues or political issues, none whatsoever and, you know I’ve enjoyed working thoroughly with Minister Heredia as I did with Mark Espat.  I want to assure everybody that I am not leaving Belize archaeology.  I will continue to work in archaeology in Belize. 

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