Friday, 6 June 2014

Zen Arcade Restaurant in San Pedro

Coming in from the Bowen and Bowen company I walked over to Zen Arcade Restaurant where the white fence is. It is pretty much updated with blue and white colored house and a roof top on the top for Yoga. It is a quiet area to relax and have a great breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The Zen Arcade is open from 7am until 7pm

This restaurant serves Chaya leaf as healthy serving and other salads of your choice. Chaya is good for your body for iron, vitamins and other sources your body actually needs. I like this more for ordering salads if your in a healthy diet. 

 If you look at the upgrading below the place seems to be very lovely to chill around and also join the Yoga on the roof top. Very unique the way how they designed it. You can  be pampered.

 From the porch above the atmosphere is very relaxing that you will enjoy the time while your their. While I'm waiting for my order I was enjoying the out door nature. What a lovely view from here. And it is not far from the beach. 

 The bar area is an area where you can sit back and relax while you see how they make the food. While I was  waiting for my order I got into a quick comfort on the waiting room by reading and hearing that sizzling sound of food while its being cooked the food smell just great. 

What I ordered  was based on Pork Boa with colsa and peanuts on the picture below. HMM delicious! It has that rich flavoring BBQ taste with two Cucumber on both sides and raping around is the tortilla and that colsa was very excellent. If your looking for a great restaurant in town I recommend Zen Arcade restaurant. I shall return. Great service, great food, its friendly staff come by to taste their excellent food in town. 

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