Friday, 6 June 2014

Belize zoo presents to you LUCHA the Belizean-American Jaguar

Several years ago, The Belize Zoo received Frankie, a problem jaguar from Franks Eddy Village in Central Belize. The residents of that village chose not to kill this amazing yet potentially dangerous wildcat, and asked the Zoo to intervene instead. Frankie passed through the Problem Jaguar Rehabilitation Program with flying colours, eventually finding a new home and new name (Jutai) in Philadelphia Zoo in the USA. Frankie even got a girlfriend named Kanga, and fathered a cub three years ago. Here is LUCHA, the Belizean-American Jaguar all grown up and living in the Los Angeles Zoo. He has become a handsome, powerful and proud jaguar like his father. A big thanks to Tammy Schidmt at Philadelphia Zoo for sharing this wonderful photo with us! We are so proud of Frankie and his family! 

Story the Belize Zoo. 

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