Monday, 5 May 2014

U.S. Army Ranger "Wrangler Leesman" search continue's in Belize

Last week Tuesday two tourists from the US 29 year old Wrangler Shane Leesman (American) and along with Bradley Evans Josker stated at around 12 .p.m on April 29th, 2014 they decided to go kayaking.

The day didn't ended well as 29 year old Wrangler Shane Leesman was caught up by large wave. The wave flipped him over. That was the last time Josker saw his friend. On Sunday morning May 4th at around 10:30 .a.m helicopter's from the U.S. where sent to search for any evidence of a body found. 

Today, family and friends are saddened to hear Leesman went missing while being in Belize. Leesman's mother believe's that he is still alive and is crying for answers. Family and close friends have him in prayers and would like for any support of an helicopter or resources to help search for the missing U.S. former Army Ranger from the Austin area.
One of the Family's friend mentioned that the U.S. Coast Guard joined the help to search for Wrangler Leesman. He is from Pflugerville that was last time his friend seen him off the coast of Belize. 

According to Leeman's mother the hardest part she feels is, “It’s waiting that’s the hardest and not knowing,” said Dee-Dee Leesman, Wrangler’s mother, who lives outside Phoenix, Arizona. “I know if anybody can do it, he can do it, and he’ll probably come home laughing at me,” said Dee-Dee Leesman. “Because the last thing he said to me is, mom, don’t try to write me. Don’t try to call me, you know I’m coming home.”
Bradley Evans Josker was found by the Coast Guard by officials and mentioned to police that strong current winds and high waves hit them from both off the kayak,  according to the statement. Both were holding onto the kayak when another hit them again they became separated. 

Since then Leesman was not found. But, Leesman manage to sustain tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, a helicopter crash and was at Fort Hood during the recent shootings on post.

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