Monday, 5 May 2014

Reef Week/ Lagoon Eco Challenge will be celebrated in San Pedro

Celebrating the 10th Annual Lagoon Eco Challenge in San Pedro on May. It is an event that no one wants to miss which will be held this Saturday May 10th and Sunday May 11th. On the first day it will commence at Central Park @ 7.a.m where the Kayaker's will gather. Then, through Boca Del Rio river, through the lagoons of San Pedro, into the creeks, towards the lagoon that separates San Pedro, then Lagona Cayo de frances brasilete area to San Juan. where they will race.

 Camp site is the most challenging part where the water is salty heading 1,000 feet to the beach and heading 1 mile south, where each Kayaker's will camp for the first night. All Kayak's who are participating are told bring along their gallon of water. Food, water and bathing supplies will be provided at the camp site. On Sunday, at around  9.a.m the challenge part is where they have to paddle on shallow water. The paddlers will head towards Central Park reaching the winning site at around 12:30 p.m. While the challenge is on going the Coast Guard will be on hold around Robles Point for any emergency rescue.

San Pedro Sailing Club will be participating in the challenge. Their will be Prizes from 1st place $3,000, 2nd place $2,000 and 1st place $1,000. Prize's will be given to those who are participating including last place. Every participant will meet at Fido's at 7pm where rules and regulation will be mentioned on Friday. Other prize's will be plane, tickets, sunglasses and much more. So, come on out at Central Park will be having a beach party.

Its the 9th Annual Reef week is celebrating its activities from the 10-17th of May. So, come on out and enjoy the week full of fun.

Saturday May 10th - commencement of the Eco Challenge.

Sunday May 11th- a Triathlon swimming,  running and Cycling race will be held at central park.

 Monday May 12th- Coastal Water Way clean up day where dive shop area will be cleaned. Especially on  the docks and along the beach area. SPTC had participated on cleaning up.

Tuesday May 13th- is the release of Turtle "Ellen". A turtle that weigh's 60 lb's. It was taken to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve for rehabilitation to recover from an infection intestine which the turtle was brought in 2 months ago. limited space to see Ellen turtle will be at 10am to Hol Chan marine reserve.

Wednesday May 14th- Primary school trivia competition.

 Thursday May 15th- will be Marine Fair.  T shirt will be given  to those who participate. Event starts at 9:30.a.m.

Friday May 16th- teacher's trip to protected area's on bacalar manatee sanctuary.

 Saturday May 17th- beach Turtle clean up at Robles point turtle groups from High School will be participating.

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