Thursday, 8 May 2014

Runaway Cuban man caught in Belize; accused to steal $2.8m gold in South Florida

On October 2012, 34 year old Raonel Valdez Valhuerdis and two others managed to robbed a Bolivian export Company just outside from a Coral  Gables apartment building. The Gold was heading on its way to an Oppa-Locka refinery and was estimated a value of $2.8 million dollars. Valdez made his runaway and got away with over 100 pounds of gold worth over $3 million Dollars.

2 months ago in February, Belize immigration caught Valdez Valhuerdis while trying to cross over to Guatemala illegally.

Police and an immigration (specifically) in Belize booked Valdez Valhuerdis to one of the international airlines. Both loaded him into the American Airline on the morning of May 7th back to the U.S. Upon arriving to Miami on the 3:30 p.m. flight, the US martial arrested the Cuban. According to Belize immigration Godwin Hulse he did not know police and the immigration booked Valdez Valhuerdis back to the U.S.

Valdez-Valhuerdis was booked to present into court on May 8th, 2014 in the Miami Dade Country Jail.

Valdez will be charged along with the two other men which manage to supervise well two suite case that had packed with armed robbery with over 100 gold bar, estimated at $2.8 million dollars. According to Miami, Florida this was the largest robbery in Florida.

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