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John Mcafee's Privacy and Security does not exist; Creating a new Security app

Over a year and a half ago John McAfee ran from Belize from questioning over a death by his neighbor. McAfee asks not to disclose his location. While being interview his reason explains the why. "Due to the residuals from Belize I continue to speak out to present evidence, the government of Belize is not happy that I'm still alive and talking. I think secrecy is the best in this case.

The latest in this case, McAfee is being blamed as an official suspect which he was not named as the official suspect at the time. McAfee was only wanted for questioning. "The surcomstanding belonging to my property which I didn't wanted to bribe I just didn't want to be questioned." he said.

 Today he is trying to impress the community with a new app. a picture by Vice Magazine was taken exposing where McAfee was. John McAfee all he wants is to live in Security and Secrecy.

"One year and half later I've been trying to live in Secrecy and privacy you become aware of the lack of attributes around the world around you. We live in a world of privacy and security which does not exist. Our phone's are monitored by the CIA and SIA and every cooperation and Google. The business world has turned upon a new principle about information about who you are, what you watch, what you are doing, where you're going where the power and money is upon us, that is why every "app''  is for free every time you buy something or you do something that information larded by thousands of people and we don't have any privacy. I would like to return some privacy to the world." he explains

 One of the products that John McAfee is trying to promote to the world is D-Central 1 app as well as security solution called chadder for messaging. "D-Central 1 makes you aware what you have done in terms of downloading the apps. When you download it, it informs you what you have agreed to. when you agreed to the terms and conditions, because some pages are very long  some people don't read it. D-Central 1 will tell you which app is watching you, listening to you, when given information to turn on the microphone, if you've given permission to turn your e-mail, or in some cases to send email or text on behalf without telling you or making phone calls without telling you, you will be shocked to see how many apps are doing this. this is step 1.  On the second project is the chadder basically a product that was designed by teams for teams, we as adults have already created a world with no security and privacy. This world is providing their security and privacy and unless the next generation begins to look at the lack of security in this implication the world is heading for chaos.  The theme that I included was even a thirteen year old boy has social degree or is in the second year of IRT. To have themes beware of the necessity for privacy in creating privacy in society and the program is put together and is a unique in the area of security.

John McAfee is working in this two project base on Privacy and Security to give to the world security. This app is to alert the world when someone is watching them on their phone. How does he pays for both  apps when its free? John McAfee says that he still has few dollars with him.

Here is how he explains "The Belizean Government took 99% of my cash and took away all of my properties. But, I still have some money, I'm still eating, I have a roof on my head, and enough to function and have enough to fund this company's.

He said specifically about the teams with technology on based on the teams. "U.S. had a fund article about  a month ago about the Run of John McAfee. I don't mine that term. I do this by harmony and delicate in finest on the field. I think as a motivated person not just motivated by the salary the instantaneous result of the project but motivated more by what could happen in the future. this people are hard to come by when I do come by I retain them. One of the people working for me is Jim Romanesque. He has been working for me for almost 20 years in various projects. He knows me very well that if I undertake something I will see it through the finish. At the finish their will be rewards so I have not put up a whole lot of it if I had to motivate people. The kids by the way had walk through technology are highly motivated because they want to do something to change the world. In my age, children are the future if we do not guide them properly then the future of humanity is in questioned." he said.

While John McAfee secures himself on a daily basis it is difficult in this DNA chip while using Smart Phone. "You use a smart phone and android phone is totally notoriously insecure. You can download application that will do all soared of things without your permission. Secondly it so easy for hacker's or any number facilities. WiFi is one key to hacker's.  If you're on a cafe shop if you think that you'd logged on into the cafe's WiFi you may not done so. Their may be someone sitting at the cafe shop with a hot spot just pretending to be at the cafe shop which you'd logged on through them. Everything you put in your password, your detail information is being monitored and watched. this is the easiest  from days long. this is fairly easiest from Marley by going through the DROID  system by unchecking the automatically connection through WiFi. Secondly, I download no apps zero, because you have no Idea where they coming from. My own apps one exceptions because I have to first test them. Emails is constantly being hacked. Yahoo a meager fault four months were millions of users password were detained mine included. you can go on various sites where you can see if it was hacked or not. I had to go through a number of system not my own because if my email was hacked then they every about me probably my phone android was replaced. I had to go a cafe shop rent  a computer then fix things manually." He said.

John McAfee is doing a movie besides developing this app and TV interviews. His movie is based on film production one done by Warner Brothers which he does not have nothing to do with. Its scripted by John Davis which is soured of nemesis a man who pretends to understand who John McAfee had done. The other movie is based on an independent film company based in Candada. We will be doing a documentary. The system was picked up by Spike TV and we will be doing interviews directors next week on an disclose area. I manage to all of this because I'm energetic person ans highly motivation person. in my 68 years lifted apparently than in my younger years 35 years ago soured of in the dark side. I'm capable and talented to do this stuff. he explained.

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