Friday, 8 November 2013

World Cup Trophy in Belize

On Thursday morning "Eighteen karat solid gold trophy" arrived in Belize at the Phillip Goldson International via private jet along with securities. The flight was priceless and with FIFA World Cup Trophy it was an anticipated event. Minister of Sports, International Football Federation, along with the local Football Federation of Belize and Coca-Cola executive where on board. The Trophy will be in Brazil in 2014 and nineteen other countries. On thursday the trophy made it's way to Belize. This V-I-T is an important trophy for the FIFA world cup Trophy. The trophy will be place at Radission Fort George Hotel, were fans can take pictures with the team. Bowen and Bowen made plans for the team when they arrived. The Trophy is valued at about 20 million Dollars. Governor General Sir Colville Young will be present during the cermony and allowed to touch the trophy. 

Pekka Odriolozo - Representative, FIFA
"It was designed in the early 1970's. The trophy was won a third time by Jules Rimet a previous World Cup winner. The Trophy weighs over 6 kilograms, 36.7 centimeter high and it is the World Cups original Trophy. Those who win the Championship gets a replicia. After a nine-month tour across ninety countries, The  World Cup Trophy FIFA arrived in Belize in a private aircraft. "

Ruperto Vicente, President, FFB
"The only one allowed to touch the trophy is the captain of the team when is to be lifted and the head of the state that shows importances of the trophy. FIFA protects the trophy, its pre-gold and not anyone can touch it. The Trophy came from El Salvador and then after it goes to Israel. Our aim is to be at the World Cup in 2022.''

Michael Bowen, CEO, Bowen & Bowen Ltd.
"I'd like to thank the Coca- Cola and the FIFA for picking Belize to bring the World Cup to our Country. In partnership between Coca-Cola and FIFA it makes every event happen. It is very amazing to be part of this experience of these two strong brands and how they'd helped our lives of our families." In 2010, Spain won the tenth nation to have its name engraved based on the trophy at Rio, Janeiro, Brazil where the next FIFA will take place.

Hon. Herman Longsworth - Minister of State/Sports

"I thank the Coca Cola and FIFA for having to put the countries that gem for sports. It is very Privilege On Behalf of the Government and the people of Belize. In My opinion the primary vehicle which can move our society, football being the main, popular sport in Belize. As a Minister of Sports I am very happy about what I see. I believe if we play intergal part a primary role will make us move foward. The tour started in South Africa and will visit as many Countries a total of ninety countrys."

Coca-Cola Representative Brad Ross :
"In Rio de Janiero, Brazil 12 of September, we launched a host over the next Ninety months, Well be travelling with the trophy in the coming Ninety Countries. The longest journy the trophy had reached is a Hundred and forty- nine thousand kilometer, which makes three half times around the circumference of the earth. It is about giving as many people the oppurtunity and particiaption on experiencing with FIFA World Cup Trophy."

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