Saturday, 9 November 2013

"Baby Jaguars" football team to compete in the U-17

On Friday morning, the team memebrs of the "Baby Jaguar" attended a cermony at the Biltmore Plaza to show of their talented football team. The Football Federation are watching closely on this team as they play very well. This team will be competing under sixteen team in the Central American regional tournament. In the caymans, the team attended the CONCACAF inaguaral. In November eighteen and on the twenty fourth of November, the team will be playing under sixteen games, held at Belmopan at the F.F.B Stadium. The conference was held to present the public the Belize National Football Selection. Head coach Renan Cowo says that since the returning of the CONCAF U-15 the composition of the team has fluctuated. Because of Discipline and professional expectation he attributes a short listing.Fifteen-year-old Jamir Alpuche has succeeded in making the cut. he says, they are very demanding and he has been preparing for the upcoming games. he is among the many players who tried out. 

President Ruperto Vincente, Football Federation of Belize says : "U-15 was built, the team that headed to the caymans. In the participation of the CONCAF U-15 tournament, a lot of players were playing in the U-16 were on the team U-15. The team was preparing since the last three months. By bringing a new set of players, we knew we would strengthn the the U-15 team in the caymans. Every weekend, they travel on fridays and travel back on Sunday seems that they are all students. Every two years, the UNCAF does this tournament and this preparation is to play on the U-17 World Cup whih UNCAF would like Belize to host."

Renan Cowo, Head Coach, Baby Jaguars
“This team, I’ve worked three months with them. I received one hundred and sixty-eight players for the tryouts. In the tryouts we selected twenty-five players for the Cayman Islands. After the Cayman Islands we were down to eighteen players but when we came back some players, maybe because of discipline or the level of [expectations], five players who went to Cayman are not here. There were forty players for this process and right now we have twenty-six players and only eighteen players will participate in the tournament.”
Jamir Alpuche, Midfielder, Baby Jaguars
“Playing left wing is really hard because it’s a big role because you have to help the team in attacking and you have to be very defensive on the team and you have to help because you’re only playing with three defenders. So the left wing plays a big role. Training is from Friday and Saturday and Sunday, two times a day on Saturday and it’s very hard. It’s very intense training that we have so I think we will be prepared good enough for the tournament.”


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