Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Patrick Andrews win's P.U.P in Belmopan

 On Sunday, P.U.P Held it's convention at Belmopan. Blue took over the streets as they came out to vote. More than 1500 people came out to support the aspirants, Ruth Meighan, Patrick Andrews, Oscar Mira, and Dr. Amin Hegar, who had all been campaigning for months. In 2012 U.D.P. John Saldivar  won the General election against P.U.P Amin Hegar. This year, four persons joined the party in Belmopan. In the convention, candidates were pulling out all the stops to come out. Winning this convention doesn't mean winning by First, Second, Third and fourth, but their could only be one winner. Was it a convincing view of insight? the numbers needed a moral boost badly.

Polls were opened at nine am. Since it opened, a report's came out throughout the day. 2pm in the afternoon, votes were counted a result of 1,200 votes. At 5pm all voting polls closed and at this time votes countinued to be counted. Over 10 hours trying get their aspirant chosen all four candidates are glad to see this amount of people came out to vote. Miss. Ruth Supal - 245 votes, Mr. Oscar Mira - 292 votes, Dr. Amin Hegar - 652 votes and the new candidate for Belmopan Patrick Jason Andrews - 788 votes." Over-all One thousand nine hundred and ninety-four persons voted in the convention and particularly impressive in Belmopan. In 2012 2, 775 votes for John Saldivar in General elections. In 2011, on P.U.P's last convention , Amin Hegar won close 266 votes a resultof 1825 votes, a lost to the UDP John Saldivar by 217 votes in 2012 General Election.

All four Candidates explain's their full Support to the public:

Patrick Andrews P.U.P Candidate Winner in Belmopan : A little over three months afer entering into politics, P.U.P Patrick Jason Andrews becomes the new standard bearer in the Belmopan Constituency for the first time. Andrew explain's: "Since 1997, I joined the P.U.P as a member. I gave full support to P.U.P.. People are tired of this Government in place. Many people who were not on our list have come out. We see a good turn out from Belmopan Central which I know was part of my strength in Belmopan. Close to seventy percent came out to support and we are working to bring out the rest. My people will come out and vote for Oscar Mira and at the end of the day they will make sure that Oscar Mira gets a win. I pledge to work for the aims and achievements of the peaceful constructive Belizean revolution, and not to be a member or supporter of any other political party or organization which principals, policy, or programs are contrary to, or inconsistent with those of the People’s United Party."

Oscar Mira, P.U.P Candidate: "I will work hand in hand with Mister Patrick Andrews to work and get Belmopan back to where it belongs.  I know that PUP would the next standard bearer and we are very much energized. I thank the public for coming out and vote. It is the beginning for a new change."

Ruth Logan, P.U.P Candidate: "Seeing the people here is a great amount of people that reached. We are working with the people as down the list."

Amin Hegar, P.U.P Cadidate: ''With little over three months we've been working hard, we have people of competent, meeting with people and doing community meetings.We must understand that the people of Belmopan have long understood that we lack true representation. People want mature people with experience in Belmopan, if that is so they will get it. ''

Hon Julus Espat, Deputy Leader, P.U.P: I am very happy to see people came out to vote. It has never been seen like that for a long time. It doesn’t matter who comes out, it is a great showing for the party.”

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