Saturday, 2 November 2013

Famous April the tapir passed away

April made everyone smile and happy as those who had the chance to take a picture with her at the Zoo. April was famous for her kind energetic happy smile showed to the public. But,Since 1983,  small Tapir was found with a huge infection on its side, it was a big as your fist. Looking at how she looked, few people commented she wouldn't survive. April was the first animal that was saved by Sharon Matola and the tapir changed the way people thought about mountain cows in Belize. After 30 years, she is a healthy tapir like any other animal in the zoo. Fans of April celebrated her birthday every year in April 27th at the Belize Zoo.  News Five had followed April’s Birthday every year, in honor of the national animal. Sadly, on Thursday night Oct 31st 2013 April passed away in her sleep. Director Sharon Matola,  said that April was having trouble with her health for the past few weeks.

Sharon Matola, Founding Director, Belize Zoo

“For thirty years, April was a significant tapir being a kind animal to Belize. We did a great job having her feel comfortable during the last weeks in the zoo. She was the oldest animal in the zoo and keeping her fans happy. After that she is gone we feel sad after her lost. April died peacefully in her sleep after her health was failing.”
April made a huge roll being one of the most iconic queen in the zoo. She is the national animal in Belize. April is the first member that will be taken to the museum to showcase the famous animals in the Belize zoo. The skeleton and a picture on the side will show the history when they were young So, people can get familiarize with Belize animals . "Farewell to a Belizean Hero: The Belize Zoo mourns the passing of April the She had been showing signs of ailing for a few days now, old age finally taking its toll, despite her amazing strength at 30 years. April passed away peacefully in her sleep this morning, but her legacy will live on in the Zoo, Belize, and beyond, as a cultural icon and symbol of wildlife conservation and education. Rest in peace, April, we will miss you." - Sharon Matola.    

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