Monday, 11 November 2013

Golf Cart hit's Island Barbor Shop in San Pedro

On Sunday Nov. 10th between the hour of 8:45pm and 9:05pm, A golf cart rental number 104 license plate C-2419, while driving south on Angel Coral street the driver tried to over take a sink hole that had an iron barrel on top. The driver drove over the iron drum. While stopping the golf cart took him to one side and lost control. The Driver  then realized that he had drove into Island Barbor shop. Along with him a female was riding with him in the golf cart. The female fled the scene. I spoked to the owner of the Island Barbor shop Mostaf Haramouch Saying " I was cutting someone's hair. When I heard this loud bang. I stood their wandering what had happened and realize that a golf cart had crashed the glass. It caught me off gaurd and I was lucky that it had hit the post."  The driver Miguel Campos at the time was drinking when this incedent happened. He suffered a miner injury in his head that cause him a scrap. 15 minutes later the traffic officer along with police arrived on the scene. The driver told police that, while driving south on Angel Coral street, "I tried to miss a hole that I didn't see." he swurved to the right hitting the Island Barbor shop. Later on, he was detained for more investigation.


Police investigating on the matter.

Driver tried to over take the sink hole.

Driver had an hard impact when he hit the wall.

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