Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Conch Season Re-opens in Belize

Queen Conch can easily be Identified by its large pinkish shell, reaching a length of 30 cm and weighing about 2 kg. The conch is known by the Mayas which is know today. On october 1, 2013 the opening of the conch season and it overlapse with the Lobser season which closes on Febraury 15. Conch Season is a season many can't wait to enjoy the delicous Conch in Belize. Fishermen goes out on the sea to capture this crustacean meat and is removed out of their shell, clean them and sell the meat for different variety of uses in food. Conch can be use in familiar food such as Conch Chowder, Conch Fritter, Conch Soup, Conch Ceviche, Conch Pizza, Conch Stew. Since the Conch season was closed 2 month early because a distressing of the conch, now everyone will enjoy a good time eating conch for this Conch Season. Since the reopning fishermen went early for their conch. Fishermem will go out and Capture this famous sea food for those who like to enjoy the meat and you can get them at any restaurant in town or any fishermen who sells fish. It is a tenderize meat that everyone enjoys to eat. The shells are used for sovienir's, Ornaments, Decoration and useful for arts and craft. The first conchs were British sympathizers. Some accounts indicate they were given the name of conch after escaping to the Bahamas during the American Revolution and announcing that rather than go to war they'd eat conch.

Conch Ceviche
Fresh conch is delightfully prepared in this mild fresh ceviche with it's very own ingridients. It tastes great.    Conch Ceviche is prepared with Conch, Cucumber, onion, carrots, cilantro, tomato, black pepper, salt and lime.

Conch Fritters

These fritters are great as an appetizer, finger food or as a very tasty hors d'oeuvre to accompany your favorite tropical drink. This is a favourite food in Belize which is pick with it;s very own sauce.


Conch Soup
This Conch soup, laden with chunks of succulent conch meat and vegetables, is a Honduran specialty from the Caribbean coast. Flavored with coconut milk, cumin, cilantro, garlic, ginger, and chile, this soup is one of many seafood dishes enjoyed by Catholics on days when red meat is not allowed. Fresh conch should have a sweet, not fishy, aroma.


Cleaning the conch:

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