Friday, 4 October 2013

A Teenager Crushed by a Rock Crusher

A fourteen year old boy was killed after accidentally falling into a crusher. He is one of the  community residence from Shipyard in Orange Walk District. The heavy equipment is used to grind white mall and was oporated at a quarry at shipyard at the time by 14 year old Peter Reimer. Peter Reimer was working there for only one year. On Thursday He was in Charge for working on the machine to ensure if it was working properly. At around ten on Thursday morning Reimer did not follow rules and regulaion and that was when he feel on the machine. After Three hours trapped in the crusher, his body was taken out from the crusher and was transported to the Northern Regional Hospital. His family are awaiting on his body to say their final goodbye. Peter's body is being examened by authorities and family awaites for his bodyto be transported at the Reimer's residence. A short wake will be on Sunday as they give him his final words.
A witness say that the Machine was getting empty, he went to look for more White Mal with the excavator to fill up the machine and that is when the accident happened. For what was told the Operator was not on the site at the time as he left the the compound leaving 14 year old Reimer and 12 year old child at the operating machine. 12 year old boy saw that Reimer was very impatient working at the site working in a manner tripping and falling on the machine when finding shortcuts working on the machine. He tripped on the machine and fell in the crusher all what the 12 year old could have done is call for help. His body was smashed by the machine.  A rope was used to rap around him, the machine was turning Backwards and machine was pulling him out to take out his body.

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