Tuesday, 24 September 2013

"Sinfonica Militar de El Salvador"

On Saturday Septeber 21, 2013, "Sinfonica Militar de El Salvador" had a well done presentation. They started their show with a surprise of the National Anthem. This Orchestra group that took place at Central Park was enjoyed by people. It caught my attention as they played very unique. Their songs was enjoyable to here. Ojo's de Tiger, Abba- Dancing Queen,"Mamma Mia" and "Fernando"  just to name a few were sang at the presentation. The Military Symphonic Band has kept it band since birth in barracks patriotism among the troops, in fact traditionally compulsory military presence in the daily acts of hoisting and lowering of the national flag to the accompaniment of the National Anthem. The Symphonic Band of the Armed Forces hosts the best of 16 senior military bands in barracks, detachments and the Salvadoran Air Force. There are no soldiers wielding rifles are experienced musicians and their weapons are musical instruments (clarinets, trumpets, drummers and drums) running with the mastery that gives them the experience for many up to three decades.

The original idea of the master Leandro Funes to shape the materialized in 1999 with the entry of the Military Band of the First Infantry Brigade he leads. His musicians were the first to attend the convocation experience and dedication required as a condition for joining the project which leads them to theaters, towns and places.In 1841 landed in Omoa, Puerto Cortes (Honduras) three musicians where Joseph Martin, Don M. Navarro and Don Juan Guida, the first of Spanish origin, and the last Italian. From there they traveled on foot to San Miguel, where he befriended Lt. Col. Manuel Cañas, father of the composer of the National Anthem and poet General Juan José Cañas.

 It organized the first concert band, regarded as the birth of military musical tradition, hiring foreign musicians to form the first school philharmonic in the general command of the armed forces.From the musical trenches, the Symphonic Band tries to bring culture to towns and cities, to compensate for the lost years during the war, and taking advantage of the artistic potential that hides the armed forces after the tough image of their barracks.


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