Monday, 23 September 2013

21 of September Parade in San Pedro

On Saturday September 21, 2013 the Celebration of Independence took place country-wide in Belize. September in Belize is all about celebration and fun. Hearing lots of soca and punta music and people dancing in parades, and seeing buildings dressed up in the red, white and blue streamers, which are the colors of Belize's Flag. It is very fun to see the celebration in San Pedro and around Belize. Colorful costumes and some glitery costume brought the people's attention in each group participants. From smallest child to a grown up adult, each person enjoyed the parade. They dance and celebrated throughout the streets waving some Belize flags. Each group danced and had their moves on and lots of energy to be parading throughout town. The celebration in san Pedro was very excited to see.We hope that next year turns out to be bigger and better. We thank the Town Council for putting the activities in the island.

Each group had different theme of color and costume that presented their group. Here are the winners of this year's Parade.

1st Place - Wil Alamilla - "Shaping up a colorful future"
 2nd Place - Wings

1st Place - San Pedro AIDS Commission

2nd Place - Sajia's Construction

3rd Place - Just Friends

Wil Alamilla "Shaping up a colorful future"

Little Dynamic Stars

All winners can pass by at the San Pedro Town Council to collect their prize.

Here are some photos of the parade on the 21 of September:

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