Friday, 27 September 2013

Garbage found on Caye Caulker and San Pedro Coast Line

Everyday we enjoy the beach in San Pedro and the majority times we see the beach clean. But this week it all change for the residence of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. This week a report came in that Garbage was seen floating on the water on Caye Caulker late wednesday evening. Some areas were completely covered by Garbage in some beach areas, including the Split. On the Western Part of Caye Caulker some areas were cover as well with garbage. Ressdence in Caye Caulker are questioning what may had brought this garbage to shore. Chairman of Caye Caulker Villag said "The garbage started washing up late on Wednesday evening. This morning when we woke up it was worse – very disastrous." Residence in Caulker are worried at this time, because they depend on tourism and now that is slow season they don't want the tourist to see the beach filled with garbage. At this moment Caye Caulker residence are working on forming a campaign to clean the garbage and countinue their normal living.

In San Pedro has not much debry in the island, but  some part of the beach areas can still be visible by Garbage. in the island is not a surprise that this has happened before. Garbage that was seen in San Pedro and Caye Caulker was bottles, cans, covers, sticks and more. Everyday the beach was clean all day every and not much they could have done since more and more Garabge wash on shore. The Department of the Environment was notified late Wednesday evening, and Thursday September 26, they dispatched a team of personnel to investigate the situation. San Pedro depends on Tourism and the Belize Tourism Board was notified and they are planning to poolassist in cleaning up the Garbage over the weekend.

This Garbage floating in the water, is not coming from the cruise ships which was looked at over the Belize Port. In Honduras heavy rain in subtropical may had push water and debry down to the Belize River. This may had cause by flooding or heavy rain in higher grounds, high tides when river run off or when a boat filled with garbage was passing infront of  Belize and some garbage may had fallen of the boat and washed onshore.

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