Friday, 27 September 2013

Consejo Road is finally been fix

Consejo Village Residence is happy to hear that the road was finally fix. After The road was under water for days. Two weeks ago the north part of Corozal got a heavy rain fall that flooded the road that reached 2 feet high. And the story doesn't ends here. When the water rose the garbage on mile two stood up on top of the water. The water reached to a point that only large vehicles could pass. Nemo was alerted on the north part of Corozal that they concentrate on the Consejo Shore road to fix it well. The road's use is used minimal by Students, workers, villager's, that travel daily to Corozal Town. It is difficult for some to reach to Corozal Town. Small vehicles in the road could be seen that they couldn't pass because of mud puddle being made. "We tried to scraped the road since that it hasn't rained for the past 72 hours. We cannot do much at this time because the road was still wet and we are still in the hurricane season. Unfortunatley, do not get distract that the road will get fix quite well. We are still in the hurricane season and the public needs to be aware that even if it is fix fold condition appears. We are trying our best to fix the road , we know that when it rains water levels rises, but this time we can only fix the road until hurricane season is over. Nemo of Corozal Willard Levy said.

There is another problem being obsereved in the Consejo Road is the Garbage dump. Villagers were dissapointed of foolded roads now the Garbage dump is an issue on the Consejo Road. Everyday Villagers use that road and they seen how trashy it may look. Since the road has been flooded after the heavy rains in the last few days. Nemo of Corozal says that the health problem may be one of which to be, because a lot of bacteria, chemicals, and things we do not know may give the people health problem. Corozal Nemo Levy said that as the heath conditions we are trying to make the Minister of Health and Minister of work to see the conditions of the Garbage dump. At this moment Garbage is dumbed else because of the wet condition of the surrounding area. Until the place is dried up Minister of Health and works will then decide what will be done. On the Domnguez Layout it was only dump for one day. we cannot do nothing at this moment on the old dump until the water is dried up. we are doing this in the sense for no more bacteria grow for health issues and dump is taken else. Levy Said.

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