Friday, 16 August 2013

September celebration 2013

Every year in in September 10 St. George's Caye day and 21st Independence day is our remembered holiday to be respected and remembered. It is a national Bank holiday in Belize and we celebrate this month as our honored month. In Belize in Sepetember is celebrates the largest celebration in the country. People come out to watch the Road March as it is popular; people  dance and dress in masquerade through the streets of Corozal, Orange Walk town, and Belize City. This Carnival is like any other popular carnival in the Caribbean.This carnival gives you a feedback to learn and pass on the tradition. for example, in some district they present their culture costume like Mestizo in Orange Walk. As this two holiday 10 St george's Caye day represents the BAttle of St george's Caye and the 21st September reperents our 1981 independence.

Less than three weeks away Belize's unique carnival is a well experience carnival to see. It is a time of year that celebrates our history, our culture, our people, our nation. This fun event started with only a few people in mind In 1975 Ms. Crystal, Ms. June, Ms. Alice, Ms. Maude and Ms. Myrtle join a sunday and went to the streets to celebrate. It only took a matter of time and little costume to show. But one day they didn't realize that all five of their name spelt CJAMM. Which now today is call what carnival is. Now all what people have behind their minds it party time. Now today people from all ages participate in this event. 

Belize and happy faces everyone brings Carnival in Belize is just fun moment to celebrated each year. This year competion will be held as Carnival King & Queen Competition on September 7th, 2013 at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. In the month of September popular songs of Soca, Punta, and much more.  Every year in belize are asked to present a theme of Belize and come up with an idea about how Belize could change or can be written abut the people or developement in Belize. This was voted on the best theme Called ''Belize in you, Belize in me, Land of the free.'' This  them was choosen, because it talks a great change about what Belizeans can do for a living a how Belize can change for a better communkity. So Who is ready for this year September Celebration?
Here is video to see how fun it is to watch the carnival in Belize:

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