Monday, 19 August 2013

Mud Wreslting in SanBar

It's time to get some Mud in your shirt. Mud Wrestling is an event done by Sanbar held there Mud Wrestling to show who has the coolness to wrestle in mud. You can get chance to try it each time this event takes place. On Friday August 16,2013 it was a great match to see and a match you didn't wanted to miss. It was funtastic time to see all the contestant participating in this contest. Everyone joined the dance floor when their favourite music came on. The winner's got great prizes. the Music was provide by DJ DZL he performes his best music mix. Don't forget when this event takes place we have $4 rum, $7 Tequila shot, and $1 wings and if you want a free rum punch all you got to do is get some mud in you and wrestle with someone.So when you here Mud Wrestling in Sanbar all you got say "are you ready to get some mud in you?" All wrestler's got their winning prize which was Caribbean Cooler It just hit me. So if you are looking for fun in the island all you got to do is come to Sanbar for a fun time. Look out for their advertisemnet.

Here are some phots of Friday August 16, 2013 competion:

The Participants did a well job wreslting with each. It was a fight you wanted to see. Looking at this event it is get more popluar in the island. It is an enjoyable event and it gets really packed.


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