Thursday, 22 August 2013

Red Cross celebrates its best work 30 years in celebration.

Red cross has done its best work in the past years since 1914. Red cross had help a lot of people in Belize  through hurricanes disaster's, flood's, and much more. Since 1914, At this time assistance were given to help to the people who were ill in World Wars and disasters.the international medical care organization has been recognize as Belize history. In world wide volunteers it is estimated to be more than Ninety million volunteers in Red Cross. They had done their best to help people in need. This program is to ensure people's protection in life and health, and to avoid people from human suffering.  This past Sunday August 18,2013 Red cross was among one of the longest recognition in Belize. Lily Bowman Executive of the Red Cross doubles checks for Belize Red Cross.  She try's to ensure to make everything possible to work in Belize. They celebrated thirty years of recognition as part civlized society. On August 18, 1983 after two years of our indepence, was known legally as an organization. At the time of World Wars in 1914, documents show that British Houndars Branch was known because at the time British Honduras Red Cross was called at the time. Then when their name change to British Honduras as territories and country support from wars.

In April of 1950 Belize Red Movement were under the leadership of the president of  for over twenty years a Belizean Sir Wilson McMillian. Then in 1984 Committee was known as the international federation of the Red Cross. Between the year 1999 to 2000 Red Cross formed advocate with NEMO and since then the committee has been a success as growing the committee in Belize. Red Cross wants to train people focusing on educating the people when disaster strikes. Red Cross is working with more than 55 people people and working with them teaching the nenessity of
risk Hazards on disasters. Red Cross is proudly to inform the recent graduates that had the opportunity to learn what was needed to be learnt. The Red Cross has work along with disabilities as a contection with the BCVI Belize Council for Visual
Belize Red Cross was Fundemental by 7 guided principles served the people of Belize. Red Cross has 8 branches in the country for a better service in the country. In 2004 it was a well recorded volunteers 900 women and 330 were all members that results at 1200.

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