Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A resident in San Pedro Shocked by electricity

A crew of contruction Between the hour of four and four-thirty were at the time working on the rooftop of Sunset Suite located on Barrier Reef Drive. 42 year old Artemio Tamai was working on a zinc , when suddenly one of zinc the was working fell. One of the zinc hit the high tension wire leaving 42 year old Artemio Tamai violenty shocked by the high power tension. Witnesses say he fell on the power line four floors from the building down to the street. Assistance imediatley came from a local tour guide assisting help. the injured person was immediately taken at the Polyclinic hospital. Doctor Otto was then called and rushed at the scene. while taken the injured person at the polyclinic, the victim was then given oxygen. But, due to serious injuries he was then later airlifted and was taken to the K.H.M.H for further treatment. looking at his injuries he was treated as second degree burnt to his stomach. It is not life threatening but further treatments needs to be done. Tamai survived the the electric High tension shock. It is Believed that a gust of wind may had cause the accident while working in the roof top.

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