Monday, 5 August 2013

Miss Belize is the winner of Miss Costa Maya

Every year in  San Pedro, The International Costa Maya is the largest event in the island. Everyone from around Belize comes and joins the fun on the island. As the different dance groups presented their locally and internationally dances, it is a show to enjoy and a show to be remebered. Costa Maya is celebrated each year from august 1st-4th. But the showcase is that everyone where wanting to see who where the eight delegates and who will win for the crown. This year in Costa Maya it was a spectacular event show that took place on August 1st, each contestant had to present their International dress. Surprisingly , their costume presented from their own country, was an amazing costume made by their creation. as the pageant went on, The Belize dance group had performed their pleasant show, that they rock the stage. Then the eight delegates came out to present their bikini suit. It was a color blue and white. A color that reperesent the sea, white that showed the white sandy beach. In the case of this presenters', they were well presented and showed the crowd what they had done. As, the show went on after the bikini showing, they presented their costume.  questions they had answred, they all answered well. with the some of them they had very good answer. looking at the costumes, all eight delegates showed their beautiful costumes on stage as the judges went on to choose who was the winner.  Miss Panama was the second runner up and Nicaragua was the first runner up.

Belize made it! Belize was the winner of 2013/2014. Few of a time which Belize made it to Costa Maya Destinee Arnlod is now repersenting Ms Belize. She rock the stage as she performed. Her entertainment made the crowd and judges thought she had the moves. She is friendly, loveable, and also a Belizean that will present Belize as International Miss Costa Maya.

Day two of the Costa Maya- The night started of with an immitator singer, singing his way to his different artists songs, such as Juan Gabriel, Elvis Presly, PSY, Shakira, ect. He has been sing for nine years and always made the crowd laugh. His show was very live and luaghable. Then, a group from Mexico showcase a special show just for the eight delegates La Riena De La Costa Maya. A group of Clash made its way on stage as they performed their excellent dances. Clash is a group that came from Honduras, and dance some different songs such as Mamboo, Salsa, Merengue, to name a few.
Reggae Band from Honduras made the crowd enjoyed a well rythm time. Dj Zog had the crowd after party show dance their way up the stage. few people went up to enjoy their night. They were competeing with each other to see who had the best moves.

Day three it was a performance you didn't wanted to miss. The show started of well as Los Yonics made their way on stage to perform their proffesional music. They rocked the stage throught the night as the crowd was very entertained with his music. Fans were very charmed with his music as some cried, luaghed, had moments. Los Yonics as being the first time here showcasing his talent music that made the crowd speechless. The crowd sang their night away when their favourite song came on.

here are all the contestantsfrom the pageant.
Miss 2012 Miss Costa Maya

Miss Belize is now 2013/2014 Miss Costa Maya
   First runner up was Nicaruaga on the right and Second Miss Panama on the Left
Their swim Suite presentation

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