Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Danny Michel Gives the Garifuna Collective's a travel tour

The Garifuna Collective has been one of Belize's nationwide known for their diver's unique music. Brukdown, Punta rock, Paranda, Maya marimba, Garifuna and Creole drumming;is the famous Belizean style music played in Belize.  42 year old Danny Michel feel in love with the garifuna collectives band, when he heard their music when he was vacationing in Belize about 15 year's ago. Danny Michel which he is a songwritter, has been touring in Canada, Ontario, proving that he could teach the group some music. Ivan Duran, who is known in
 Benque Viejo owner of Stonetree Records and producer of some excellent albums, including the work of the late, great Andy Palacio, the deeply rewarding “Paranda” featuring Paul Nabor and other Parranderos, and many others. Michel learned his way around with his lone guitar-slinger funky guitars and using turtle shell for defense. Today The Garifuna Collectives say that travelling abroad is very expensive. Danny Michel who is the head leader that gives the travelling tour gave seven weeks vacationin to the Garifuna Collectives to meet as a jaunt in Belize, when they received the call from Vancouver. They say that Michel sounded very unusaul, and It will feel out of his comfort zone. The challenge for them is to pay the expenses when travelling. With all the booking at a hotel a night which comes up to $1000, Transportation, Visas, the official Adressing of the governemt and the Fisheries Department. The Garifuna collectives say that Winnipeg and Vancouver’s folk festivals had taken act by the ambitour tour.  The reason why they had to go through all this hard immigration and  travelling was because some of the instrument were made by rattles made from turtle shell which they were taking to Canada.

what Michel loves about the Garifuna Collectives is that when they perform on stage the perform very unique. As they are known in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala. Michel says that all shows he has seen were all fabulous. It's a very big work to put on stage. Because looking at it is very crazy that the idea came from a pinch of a salt. The latest album  Juno-nominated Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, which kinda beared back Michel a little from the project taken by road. Paul Nabor and the late Andy Palacio, the Garifuna Collective’s former singer and he was if can sing along with the Garifuna Collective's. As seeing the fans gathered to see the Garifuna Collective's they would like for the Winnipeg festivals shows were recorded and for them to listen to our performance Belizean music. If you wish to find out more about the Garifuna Collectives here are some website you can visit:

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