Friday, 3 October 2014

The Maya Leaders met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow

 Spokepersons of the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcalde’s Association met late last month with Prime Minister Dean Barrow inside his office in Belmopan. 
During the meeting, their where discussion on  focusing on issues where maya people are affected on the south and in particular the subject of drilling for oil in the Sastoon Temash National Park.

According to a statement put out by the Maya Leaders Alliance, the chiefs in Charged mentioned to the Prime Minister that they are in the process of developing a proposal on a framework for Approval agreements on oil exploration as well as the extraction of other materials from traditional Maya lands. "They joint statement issued after the meeting with the Prime Minister by the groups from the south," said that the proactive readiness  by the Maya people manifests their commitment to constructive exploration based on respect and good faith engagements in the involving of the people, government and extracting companies.
The Maya leaders say they were encouraged by the new commitment from the Prime Minister and applaud the opportunity for respectful dialogue that took place, designed to reach an amicable solution to differences.
The Maya Leaders Alliance has committed to continue working with the government to ensure that the Maya people are fully engages in every decision made which affects them in one way or the other as it relates to the natural resources.

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