Friday, 1 August 2014

Winner's of the most Photogenic on International Costa Maya

As the contestant arrived in San Pedro during the course of the day on Thursday July 28th,2014 this contestant are Miss El Salvador Ana Graciela Hasbun, Miss Costa Rica Raquel Maria Guevera, Miss Nicaragua Katherine Gadamuza, Miss Panama Karol Salinas, Miss Honduras Maria Jose Alvarado, Miss Guatemala Keyla Bermudez, Miss Mexico Elisa Espinoza and Miss Belize Grisel Rosseli Carballo.

As a competition with the photogenic was vote among all this are the winner's for the most popular photogenic. Miss Costa Rica Raquel Guevara Avila wins the Miss Photogenic competition. Miss Belize Grisel Rosseli Carballo finishes 2nd, while Miss Guatemala Keyla Bermudez finishes 3rd. Miss Costa Rica will receive a plaque, while all three will receive gift baskets. They will receive these next week before the pageant. Just a reminder that this competition does not affect the results of the actual Miss Costa Maya pageant. Thanks to all who voted and supported the delegates.

Vote total of the Top 5:

Costa Rica: 3,664
Belize: 3,659
Guatemala: 1,467
Honduras: 929
Mexico: 851

This are the three winner's of the most Popular Photogenic with the most voted. Also their will be prizes for the winner's.

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