Friday, 15 August 2014

48th Annual SAN JOAQUIN FIESTA Ramma

Every year on August the village of San Joaquin and the rest of country awaits on the San Joaquin Fiesta. The Fiesta in San Joaquin Village which is becoming the biggest event on the North of Belize it will be in full swing this weeekend. This year on there 48th year of celebration the event will have its presentation with the Opening schedule below: 

On August 15th at 7:30pm- The Coronation of Miss Pageant, Cultural Presentation by Raices de Yucatan - Retoños de Belice show that will come alive. The Fiesta is in celebration of the village’s patron saint: San Joaquin. Then at 10:00 p.m you don't want miss this very entertainment show, dance with "Techno Band" along-side DJ Gaby & DJ Star. Come out and enjoy with the entire family. Techno Band will be performing its latest songs & the duo DJ Gaby,  DJ Star will be blazing the night with their amazing state of the art light show.

On Saturday August 16th from 10am to 5pm San Joaquin Fiesta Businesses Expo Booths by: Brodies, Smart, Bic and Happy Cow, St. Francis Xavier Credit union, Belize Bank, Bowen and Bowen, and other businesses.6:00pm Mass in Honor of San Joaquin, 7:00pm Musical presentations by Merelia pop and contestants from 'La Voz Karaoke.' 10:00pm don't miss this Dance with the Gillharry & band. 

Sunday August 17th- 7:00pm Cultural Presentation and at 10:00pm Dance with the Youth Connection Band. 

History of the San Joaquin Fiesta 
By Joaquin Magaña
In Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico for many years the feast of San Joaquin is celebrated on August 16. Many Belizeans, especially from the North traveled to Bacalar for this celebration, families and people from San Joaquin also assist. Families would say that they are not missing a San Joaquin Fiesta in Bacalar.
Seeing the number of families that were attending to the Fiesta of San Joaquin in Bacalar, Mrs. Angelita Magaña thought on the idea that our village which bears the name of San Joaquin can celebrate the feast day in our own village, San Joaquin. She mentioned her idea to members of the community who supported it to make it a reality. With the help of young people and members of the village Mrs. Magaña raised funds to buy one large image of San Joaquin. She founded the fiesta which is celebrated by our Church in August 1967.
The first fiesta was inaugurated by very Honorable George C. Price. This celebration was held at the primary school in San Joaquin. The first Queen of the fiesta was Maria Pol. After celebrating the first fiesta in the school, in 1969 it was celebrated in the new Park grounds of San Joaquin in a place which was more spacious and close to the new Catholic Church. Today in the year 2004 we celebrate the 38th anniversary of our annual Fiesta. The fiesta each year has been rather larger. It begins with the Novenas to our Patron Saint on August 8th. The Novenas for many years have been prayed by Mr. Luis Puck. On the 8th of August a group of youths organized by Mrs.Angelita Magaña run a marathon with a torch from Bacalar to San Joaquin. The runners arrive just before the first novena begins. From the torch they lit the veladoras for the first novena.
Many believers visit the Church to attend mass on August 16 and many of the visitors come to venerate San Joaquin and on one side of the image they light their candles, bring him flowers and make prayer. Many come to thank for the intercession, ask for his intercession or fulfill the promise to come every year. Visitors come from all the districts of Belize and some from Chetumal, Mexico.

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