Thursday, 10 July 2014

Three Suspects charged and one is on the run in Ramon Cervantes Jr.

Suspect in Ramon Cervantes Sr kidnapping and murder case on the run in Mexico. Confirmed reports to indicate that Orange Walk Police are currently looking at another dead body allegedly buried on a farm located in the Honey Camp Area Nearly close to the farm where the body of Ramon Cervantes Senior was found buried. Its believed to be the body Sonia Abac was found in a well. 

Confirmed reports are that one of the same individuals that where detained for Cervantes murder guided the police to the body. Very proceeding information suggests that it might be a body of a female. Manuel Castillo has been captured by Mexican Police in the Southern Mexican State of Yucatan, Mexico, and has been detained, pending his handing over to Belizean Authorities. No world on whereabouts of alleged accomplice, Avicela Duran. 

Three persons presented before the court  on July 9th in the Orange Walk Court House. The charges for the murder case in the death of Ramon Cervantes, Sr. where Mateo Pott Jr. (White Shirt), 28 year old Belizean plumber of Trial Farm Village, Angel Antonio Cardenas (Grey Shirt), 19 year old Belizean construction worker of Trial Farm and Mateo Daniel Gonzalez Avila (Red Shirt), 22 year old Guatemalan National of Trial Farm, Trio arraigned on murder charge in death of Ramon Cervantes, Sr.

Since Monday the murder of Ramon Cervantes Jr. was going to be in trial in the Orange Walk Magistrate Court,  hundreds of Orange WalkeƱos have been at their waiting line for an call before a court to answer an indictment. But, due to lateness, in the Late evening on July 9th Orange Walk police accompanied the three men to the Magistrate’s Court for a formal arraignment on charges related to the death of Ramon Cervantes Sr.

They are 22 year old Mateo “Noe” Daniel Gonzalez Avila; 28 year old Mateo Pott Jr. and 19 year old Angel Antonio Cardenas. Their is confirmed information that a fourth person which is believed to be the Mastermind set up, Manuel Castillo was charged on the sheet and is on the loose in Mexico and he is the leader of the gang set up. Castillo’s is accompanied with Avicela Duran is also being searched by Police for questioning.

All three charges where made jointly for the crimes of the murder. The charges where for keeping an unlicensed firearm, namely a 12-gauge pump action shotgun and kept unlicensed ammunition, namely five 12-gauge cartridges. All three suspects were remanded to the Hattieville prison until their next court appearance on August 13. All three suspects are residents of Trial Farm village, Orange Walk, while only Gonzalez Avila is listed as a Guatemalan national, the other two are Belizeans National.

Any information leading to the arrest of Manuel Castillo can be made at the Orange Walk Police Station or at the Corozal Police Station at 402-0022.

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