Saturday, 12 July 2014

Press Release on Titan International Securities to clear names with CYNK

On July 10th, 2014 a story was reported in the local news regarding a United States penny stock company call CNYK Technology and Titan International Securities inc (*Titan*) was identified has having an address similar to that reported by CNK Technology on its website. Titan is licensed with the international Financial services commission of Belize to trade in financial and commodity based  derivative investments and securities and has offices  on fourth floor of the Matalon Building in Belize City, Belize. Public filings with the fourth floor  of the Matalon Building albeit in a different suite.
CYNK never has operated out of the office of Titan, and, to Titan's  knowledge, never has had an office in the Matalon office in the Matalon building.  Matalon building management has confirmed that CYNK does not have a presence in the Matalon Building. Matalon Building Management  has asked CYNK to remove the Matalon address from CYNK's website. Building  management shared with Titan the response that it received from CYNK. That response was "the address is being removed. Our error-apologies."

In the interest of completeness, Titan also makes two additional statements about CYNK:
(I) Titan does not know and never has had an affiliation with CYNK, and (ii) No shares of CYNK has ever been traded at, by or through Titan.

Titan is proud of its business record. There has never been an complaint  filed against or charges of any infraction whatsoever made against the firm. Titan is  committed to strict compliance with all laws, regulations and policies that govern licensed securities firms in Belize. Titan works closely with its principal regulator, the International  Financial Services commission.

The local news channel that included Titan in its story about CYNK obtained a copy of Titan's license from Titan's website. Titan chooses to make available for viewing its license on its website so clients of Titan know that Titan is properly licensed.  Titan was never contacted about the story and had no opportunity whatsoever to state Titan's position. Titan has nothing whatsoever to  do with CYNK and was wrongly linked to the news story simply because of its address and nature of its business.

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