Monday, 7 July 2014

UPDATE: Fire Destroys 3 structure house in San Pedro and leaves 66 homeless

On Sunday July 6th at around 8:30pm in the area of Boca Del Rio near Compadre Bar a three structure house  was completely  destroyed by fire. A call was made at the fire department reaching within 15 minutes on the premises. neighbors and other people helped in to turn off the fire with buckets of water. Since their where close to the lagoon the fire truck got their within minutes connecting  the water pump. The cause of the fire is still on investigation and fortunately, Families where left homeless and a total of  5 families of 24 people where living on the complex rental building including Damages to the surrounding building where a white long house and a total of 6 rooms and 40 people including that where living in the building. 

The only injuries that where confirmed by the officer in charge was a baby with minor injuries and a broken hand by a male person that was presently attended by  Dr. Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic II.The fire affected 66 people from 16 different families, including 32 minors below the age of 17 .

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According to police  “it was carefully noticed that seven small wooden structure buildings were destroyed, one concrete & wooden two storey Building, one Concrete two storey Building was destroyed by the fire and water damage. A total of nine nine Buildings were damaged.”Police say that preliminary investigation indicates that the fire started from a two-storey concrete and wood building from where residents of the area say they first saw smoke coming from. No one was injured in the blaze and police investigations continue.

It was confirmed from the officer in charge that the fire affected 66 people from 16 different families, including 32 minors below the age of 17. According to I witness Edita Hernandez say that she saw smoke from her son's room.which was seen fron the  concrete & wooden Building and that the fire originated from this building. Member's of the Belize Red Cross, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and the San Pedro Town Council will work together to help the victims to start helping them. 

Donations where done today for the victim's on the fire at the Lion's Den where it was drop off good, clean, slightly used clothes for the families of the fire victims. Lion's Club, NEMO, Red Cross, Evangelical Alliance of SP. If you would like to donate you can contact Lorna Vasquez at the San Pedro Town Council at (501) 226-2198 or (501) 226-2788. 
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