Friday, 11 July 2014

Conditions of Lease North-eastern portion of Goff's Caye

Belmopan July 10th, 2014 Press release- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture takes those opportunity to inform the general Public on the current land tenure status of an island known as Goff's Caye.

  1. The northern-eastern portion of Goff's Caye was surveyed in September 2001. 
  2. Subsequently a lease approval under reference BZ-R-516/2001 was granted in May 2002 for term of fifty (50) years to Mr. Ramon Cervantes. 
  3. Lease approval was granted with no option to purchase, however, the legal advice provided to the Department indicated that there were no provisions preventing the lease from constructing permanent structures on the Caye. 
  4. Upon Knowledge of such consideration the Coastal Zone Management Authority and institute objected to such lease.
The Lands and Survey Department has confirmed that only the survey conducted on the island and subsequent lease approved to such lease.The Ministry is obligated to provide such clarification with \ view to dispel any misinterpretations by the general public as it relates to crown land on Goff's Caye and extended its appreciation for their understanding.

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