Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Puerto Azul luxury plans for the future and promises facilities building in the island

Puerto Azul luxury is a recent project that was released while Minister of Trade and Economic Development, Erwin Contreras and the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia along with his wife where on a flashy party event with the French Riviera during a Cannes Film Festival. Not giving any information about the project or without the concept of approving the project with the people of Belize, the environmentalists are up in flames for viewing this recent project. The island is located on the Light house Reef Atoll which will have the facilities that will include the following: airstrip, mega hotels, shopping malls, resort, golf course, villas, spa, restaurants and all the likes, is being promised by Italian investors at the two Northern Caye close to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Sandbore.  

 Even though the project is still willing to continue,  the confusion by the environmentalists are at cabinet's agreement by the multi-million dollar project. But during the event Trade and Economic Development, Erwin Contreras and the Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia along with his wife where photographed which made the cabinet to agree cautiously. In this kind of project the land and development is too limited and is a close to development to the Blue Hole and Half moon caye. With the showcase of this development and business talent product manager Oscar Generale and businessman Domenico Giannini - the president of Puerto Azul Exclusive Resorts, Hotels have just previously party with a star-decor about  Puerto Azul with the experience at Villa Saint Georges at the Cannes Film Festival to promote the newly project luxury resort in Belize.

 According to the C.E.O., Mike Singh this project is on a start roll, and is suppose to be kept on a level of  where the agreement can be made. With the opinion of Sing he thinks the project is to over extreme. He thinks that the project should first be accepted and where the land and environment could handle.  But, what about the the employments and guest that they want to bring in? In the result of the project their will be 1,000 guest and 2,000 working employees fitted in the project with a scale of 970 acres of land.   
In the discussion for the project, the permission was given to the project first to review the studies for the environment by Minister of Labor, Local Government, Rural Development and National Emergency Management and Immigration and Nationality Godwin Hulse. The finishing of the project is schedule to be completed by December of 2017 if there are no impediments or limitation by the Government.

Sing mentioned that it is just a waste of matter to continue this project. In the environmental impact you should look at the destruction of the reef and land and materials where the project will be built can harm the land. But, Sing defends Minister Contreras to continue looking at the fact to develop the island.  What can they do if any land was not given by a Realtor? It is clear that Contreras went to the event to meet with the people where the launch was made for the development for the newly project in French Riviera.

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