Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Opening of the Art show in San Pedro, Belize/ Dia De San Pedro schedule event

Here is the event for the future days: Wednesday June 25th 7:30pm Lecture of the Caste War, June 25th- 29th Art show exhibition at the House of Culture, June 27th La Bajada Old football field 7pm (Come bring your family for the opening ceremony of the Dia De San Pedro, Dance Company and more), June 28th La Alborada 6pm at the Roman Catholic church 6pm,  entertainment at the old football field @ 10pm live music at the old football field with super fura and more and don't miss the fireworks display, June 29th Mesa De Pescado at 4am, 5am fishermen Breakfast, 6am boat procession, All day fishing Rodeo.

In the month of June San Pedro celebrates Dia De San Pedro better known as St. Peter (San Pedro) which is celebrated on June 29th. Where the local traditional joins together for the Desayunos\Breakfast, Patron Saint's on day of the procession A week full of events on the third week of the month is full of activities before the opening of the Dia De San Pedro. 

100's of people from visitors, to local, from around the country come out to witness the local culture. This tradition is closely organize by the Catholic Church. This Culture is known for the religious, the culture and the festivities. La Bajada is a religious culture Novena for ten days which follows through the event of the Dia De San Pedro. San Pedro is a rich cultural part of the history about how it was an integral part of the Maya history and the traditions on island residents.

 Those who came out to see the photos on June 24th brought good memories of the old fishing industry in San Pedro  and those who grow up at the time of the fishing industry back in the 1900's. When the fishing industry where much popular at the time and less populated as a village the fishermen spent more time hauling more fish immediately putting it in a tank on the boat whenever the TARAYA\fishing net is thrown.  

The fishermen sailed off to Belize City and Corozal to sell fish which they benefited more on selling fish. If the fish wasn't sold all the fish was cleaned, opened, and  the meat is cut and last salt is rubbed on the fish overnight until 90 percent is preserved. After the process it was taken to  Corozal,  Belize City, Sarteneja and along the villages in Barrios Guatemala.  This process is called corned dried\Pescado Seco meaning it was dried on the sun until it is 90 percent salted. 

This year the week event  will come alive with festivities music and cultural presentations. I visited the Opening Art Show On June 24th which started at around 6:30pm at Friendship Park in San Pedro. Here are the photo's down Below: 

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