Friday, 27 June 2014

La Isla Bonita Elementary School Fashion Fiesta

The island of San Pedro is well known for the best events about fashion show from kids, to school, to adults each and everyone enjoy's fashion show. We proudly announce the Fashion Fiesta show that was held on June 26th at the Angel Nunez Auditorium. The school of La Isla Bonita showcased their fashion  show that was organized by the principal of the school. The class from Infant one to Standard 6th boys and girls came out to display their fashion show. All of the kid's came out dress Casual Short pants, to sports wear, to Beach wear and evening dress.

It All began as the Master of Ceremony Angel Nunez and Gavin Zapata where the host for the event. They both kept the audience entertained throughout the show. As the commencement of the show Jucelly Badillo opened the show with a great dance performance. Modeling was up next as both MC's presented the girls and boys from the smallest to the biggest wearing their Casual Short Pants. Great clothing for this summer clothing were showcased by the kid's. It was an entertaining show for the crowd as the the youngest one's just enjoyed being on stage dancing while modeling.

The event continued as Elina Palma and Marhtalicia Vasquez performed their song on stage. As summer is here the weather is warm the Beach Wear Modeling was up next for students of La Isla Bonita when they came out dressed as Beach wear. With the different sponsors in town each student Modeled with no fear. With boys wearing their water pants to girls wearing their beach bikini and shades the crowd cheered up for their favorite one's.

Shannon Nunez  and Giselly Rodriguez made a performance dance show on stage dancing their way throw the presentation. Their move kicked of with great performance. With no fear while dancing it looked that they din't made any mistake while enjoying their time dancing. The San Pedro Dance Academy introduced the audience with an dance performance on stage that quiet silenced the crowd to listen their dance. Through the dance it was well practice without mistakes. claps came from audience for their great performance.

The MC's now introduced the audience the Modeling for the Sports Wear. Boys and girls came out wearing their favorite Sports Wear obviously, it looked like football was the most popular one. For some it was boxing, Basketball Player, Volleyball, Tennis, and other sports wear. The students wear just having the fun night out making the audience laugh.

Neslen Rivero from Isla Bonita  came on the night of the event long dressed, high heels and a great voice.   One of the well dance group on the island well known as they showcased their show on various shows on the island such as international Costa Maya, events on schools or at the Central Park for events is well known San Pedro Revolution Dance. With the popularity of the group growing more and more this one group no one didn't wanted to miss. Children where into the show dance to adults enjoyed the show well presented by the San Pedro Dance Revolution.
 Last, the Evening Wearing by the boys and girls showcased their dress for going out. Girls with their different evening dress and boys wearing their different tuxedo. At every presentation throughout the show all students  came out with sponsors that where entitled the students that where given to wear. The was a great night to  see. One of the youngest presentation of the show was a youngster that sing a song. She is well known as Samantha Munoz that song her rendition song.  The audience cheered for her song that made her feel special. Very well performance by Munoz.
 At the end of the show the principal of the school gave her vote of thanks thanking each person that made it to the show hoping that everyone enjoyed the Fashion Fiesta Show. With each Modeling student they perform very well. It was an interesting show to see. Modeling can be for everyone to enjoy and I hope the school keeps it up.

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