Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Belize is Honored with the help of Airmen, Marines building schools, hospitals and good will

Airmen are forming together along with the Marine combat engineers and members of the Belize Defence Force are willing to build schoolhouses and hospital while they are being on Exercise New Horizons. 
One of the structured  that was recently completed in a two-room schoolhouse one of Central America’s largest cities.  With member's of the 820th  Red Horse Squadron from Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada help to finished the Construction.   They are willing to begin another project that will include a five room schoolhouse, that will include a kitchen and bathroom. 
Brigadier General David Jones, one of the commander of the Belize Defence Force, said his combat engineers learn a lot from working with the American service members. His soldiers, however, might be called on not only to build new framework, but also to destroy fundemental structure that’s being used illegally. That can include collapsing up a runway that traffickers are using to move illicit drugs by air, he said.
Since their arriving in April, the airmen and Marines have been working nearly non-stop to complete their task. School has been continuing  while they’ve been doing the construction, and the airmen and Marines sometimes paused to some activities such as  play sports with the kids. 

During their work force they had the chance to interacted with many other Belizeans, a number of people that goes to the school on weekends because they serve as community centers for the locals, he said.

in turn, With the new techniques from the Belizeans the American service members are learning more from them, said Staff Sgt. Matthew Houle, the New Horizons site foreman. For example, the Belizeans taught them a new way to finish interior and exterior walls called parging.
Just as the Belizeans do things differently from Marines, so does the Air Force, he said. With the likelihood of future operations being joint, it’s important that they speak each other’s lingo, he Robb added.

The airmen spent the past months mixing cement and finishing the project until its completed. 

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