Monday, 19 May 2014

San Pedro Tiger Sharks VS Orange Walk on Basketball competition

On Saturday May 17th,2014 the Basketball San Pedro Tiger Sharks VS Orange Walk play-off game was interesting.  It was week 14 of the NEBL San Pedro VS Orange Walk Running Rebels. It took place at the Angel Auditorium. 

 On the first quarter the Tiger sharks made  lead to their score. as much as Orange Walk tried to battle up to score, at the end of first quarter the game was scored San Pedro Tigers Shark 29-9 Running Rebels. On second quarter the game got more interested at the end of the game it was scored at Tiger sharks 46-24 Running Rebels. On Third Quarter San Pedro Tiger Sharks 67-35 Running Rebels. On fourth quarter the San  San Pedro Tiger Shark manage to win this game leaving Orange Walk Running Rebels to 60. 

at the end of the game fans of San Pedro Tiger Sharks cheered for their team. It was a interesting game to watch.  On last weeks game San Pedro Tiger Sharks went to Dangriga to play against the Dangriga Warriors that won the game. 

Here are some picture's and videos below: 

Here some video's from the Basketball that took place on Saturday night

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