Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mr. Rigo Vellos Wins Cozumel Body Building Competition

The native country of Belize, Rigoberto , Vellos Male , was the overall winner of the bodybuilding contest Mr. Cedral 2014 , it was held last Sunday afternoon in the main palapa village , framed the festivities in honor of Santa Cruz Saban , with a record attendance of over 1500 people enjoyed a high international level sports competition. With the participation of 36 competitors from different parts of the state geography and the neighboring country of Belize and before a large crowd, this event was held, in which the strongest man agenciara him as the top winner of the event was sought most awaited among fans of the sport of strength and aesthetics. After the exhibitions, where participants performed poses the most muscular, back, biceps , triceps in order that the jury give its verdict on each of the categories, so that in the first place was rookie Miguel Dzuc, René Tun second and third for Rogui Uh , while in the Beginner category "A" Marcelino Jelevo took top honors were to leave in the second and third and Valerio Victor Zapata Vivas, respectively.In the Beginners Category "B" who introduce Gym better job of Emanuel Portillo was the second place went to Joseph Chan and third place went to Armando Balam, in the category of New Values ​​first place went to Orlando Ku, the second for Jesus Herrera and third place got Francisco Villanueva.In the senior category, first place went to Belize Rigoberto Vellos Male , the second to Cozumel Bladimir Burgos Castle and third place went to Mefirsoset de la Rosa Molina , Chetumal.Stressing that the ladies bikini was the greatest figure of Michel Santos Carrillo Leidy while the title of Figure Fitness adjudge .For this great event a grand jury comprised athletes and coaches with a great sporting career and the various municipal authorities as is the case, the Director of Sport on the island, Héctor Martínez Ramírez and ninth councilor was convened, Geny Canto Canto who commission has the sport on the island , both with the honorable role of crowning the winning participants .


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