Thursday, 15 May 2014

Missionary recent trip,shares skill Dentist in Belize

Three of the missionary Dentists from the US came to San Pedro, Belize to do a Dental Mission. It has been over 30 years of experience since they had graduated from dental school along with Dr. Mark they wanted to something very special.

Dr. Johnson established as much needed dental clinic to Holy Cross Anglican School in San Pedro Ambergris, Caye. The recent trip, Dr. Kristin Kenner along with her two friends packed their suitcases and traveled to Belize to do a Dental mission.

Dr. Kenner said. "Several of my classmates have gone down to this impoverished area to offer free dental treatment for the teachers and children of San Pedro.  It was a very humbling experience, helping these appreciative people of Belize.

The clinics were very primitive, to have most equipment ship to the United States. "Its was different than other clinics here but we did a well job done." Dr Johnson added.
 The job was to involve as much care as at first for the children. "We have available a number of services, focusing on preventive care that is beneficial to the kids their whole life.  Educating the children on brushing, flossing, and also how different foods impact the health of their teeth was done.  The children spoke English perfectly, so communication was not a barrier.

 The amount of decayed and abscessed teeth were abundant, so we had long days trying to fix as many teeth as we could.  The next time the clinic will be open will be in October. I hope to share my dental skills to the truly underserved in the future," Kenner concluded.

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