Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Jim Incledon travel to Belize in search of the mammoth crocodile

The show from Animal Planet The Men Who Jump Off Buildings-indie, Double Act has been authorized  by Animal Planet to to film an hour-long documentary in search for a killer crocodile.
Monster Croc- Camerman Jason Giberti and Jim Incledon (Search For A Killer) will follow wildlife travel to Belize in search for the mammoth crocodile, tap Croczilla.
The pair made a career out of examining and solving human and animal battle  in some of the world's most remote regions. In the film production they will need to race and capture footage of crocodile before the local poaching can kill it. 
The documentary film is set to air in June on Discovery Animal Planet UK. Double Act's, The producer's are Alastair Cook and Krishna San Nicholas for Animal Planet. 
Cook is also the co-founder of Double Act the company said which increase exclusive access to interview locals who had survived the Croczilla attacks.
“Double Act has built its reputation on delivering daring and often dangerous-to-make programmes, so heading into the depths of the Belize jungle to hunt down a killer crocodile proved no exception,”  he said.
 Double Act are responsible for a range of shows including the recent shows Dead Famous DNA and C4's science series. 

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