Thursday, 29 May 2014

Crime Stopper meeting held in San Pedro

Crime is rising and the tourist among our community is decreasing. What can we do to decrease crime? This is a question all are asking. Today, we as the community should work together as one. The more guns are heard the more we as a community will continue fighting against crime. It is the observation of the community  to watch the area of their neighbor; where they live in the area. 

On Thursday May 28th a meeting was held in Lion’s Den along with the Ex-officer Rudolph Orio regarding COPS. As members from businesses, teachers, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, council members, OC Castellanos and the public attended the meeting. Orio was working with the community to stop crime in Belize from 1988- 1997. 

  Orio explained the only way this could stop is to let the community work together and ensure the crime should stop now. People need to be aware of their surrounding and not being to comfort only making money. The island is divided by zone areas where community watch is being work to make this island safer.

According to Rudolph Orio he wants this program to be well structured program within the community. Having the boots around town to lessen the crime. Volunteer's will be trained with law basic procedure and observation technique's. While on training no citizen will have the empowerment to arrest people but only to use the intelligent and observation. 

Crime in Belize is one big problem and not only Belize. A recent meeting Mayor Daniel attended with other Mayor's in the Caribbean, they tried to organized a job creation to lessen the crime. Crime statics where discussed throughout the Caribbean region. Crime is not only being seen in Belize but around the world. 

It is not only the job of the police 100%, but the help of the public to report any suspiciousness being seen in the island.  As each council and officer in charged,  including the Mayor made their speech. It was a tight meeting between the speakers and the people argument discussion on how children could avoid this type of problems, especially when the town is dealing with the drugs, alcohol, and other drug uses.

 It was mentioned by the Minister of Health that an insights program was made for the children in school three years ago. A contract is made with the school when a child made an first time offence. It is then taken to the Minister of Education if a drug is caught in school. One person said in the meeting, Where are the drugs? everyone knows where is drugs but police has not done anything about it. Orio mentioned you should reported it immediately to the police if any drug where seen in their area.  

OC Castellanos explained that the volunteer persons should atleast volunteer for 4 hours a week. He will work with the community if they participate. Orio is begging the community to step up and stand up for the community to make the island safer all he needs is the help. If you would like join the meeting and would like to  here more about Crime Stopper in San Pedro join the group meeting in San Pedro for updates please contact Facebook: Footprints for Peace Belize. 

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