Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bowen & Bowen explains the Shortage of Coke in Belize

For those who are a coke lover and some just drink it on a hot day, to the famous Beer "Belikin"  of Belize nothing can go wrong with it. The bad news, for several months the company is in a shortage of coke and an amount of usual quantities,  in the high quantity glass bottle is neither available and its several processing. 
Back in 2013 the stores noticed a sudden decrease on the amount of coke that were usually bought. The company is one of the largest in Belize, which was rumored that the company was being shut down. A press-Released was then issued on July 2nd of last year which the rumor was just a false concern. The main fact is that the company is going through an upgrading on their systems.

The company Bowen & Bowen Limited, that gain the franchise more than ten years ago which is now one of Belize's largest employer, in the recent upgrade to their plant in Ladyville which had led to a slow production.
According Christelle Wilson,  Under the legal counsel and public relations officer for Bowen & Bowen, mentioned that the glass versions of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Belikin, Guinness and Lighthouse are effected as well as Crystal Water but their's not really a shortage on the list above. 
Their is a replacement to the company's older parts which was brought in a new equipment. Meanwhile only Coke, Fanta and Sprite are available in the plastic bottles and sufficient beer stored to last until June, where normal operations resumeLater this year the new upgrade of the plastic bottles will take place. 
Everyone are asked to drink beer responsibly.

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