Thursday, 1 May 2014

All roads leads to Belmopan looking foward to the 2014 Agriculture

Every year in Belmopan the National Agriculture and Trade Show is held at Guanacaste Park at the entrance of Roaring Creek, Village. Well, the roads that connects to Belmopan will be a busy road as everyone is looking forward to the 2014 Agriculture.

On behalf of the National Agriculture and Trade Show NATS Committee of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture release the dates to when the show will be held. The dates is set from May 2nd to the 4th, as roughly more than a thousand Belizeans are looking forward to attend from around the country.

The NATS will begin with a ceremony on Friday May 2nd at 4pm sharp, where the guest speaker Alvin Henderson, from the shrimp industry. The main address will be delivered this Friday, also at the show grounds, by the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture.
The show will commence at 6am on May 3rd. Entrance fee is $2.00 for kids and $5.00 for adults at the show grounds. Its going to be much better this year as the visitors will have a better movement. The group Organization had divided the ground in different zone where there will be seven bars in the ground; restricted only to sell liquor.

Brand new food court had been set up at the NATS ground show and brand new road had been paved for small business to present their products.

Saturday and Sunday the competition on cowboys (rodeo) and livestock show will be held as each year is one of the main attraction on the NATS ground show. Other main attractions is the mechanical rides, dog show and crop will be displayed. Don't forget that Both BTL and SMART will be promoting their own operations to sell internet and cell phones on high competitive prices.

‘Stimulating food production through public-private partnership.’ is the theme name for this year's Agriculture and Trade show. According to Roberto Harrison, Chief Agricultural Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Chairman of the NATS Committee says “We want to invite the general public, and want to ensure and assure the general public that the perspective of the show has changed, we want to assure our visitors that there’s a lot to enjoy, an added security to the grounds.We think that the growth of the agriculture sector has to be public-private sector led and we want to work closely with the private sector to be able to move and grow agriculture to what it should be.'' 

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