Monday, 12 May 2014

2014 San Pedro Lagoon Eco Challenge

This year's winner of the 10th annual Lagoon Race Eco-Challenge, won by the First Team Coco Beach for winning the race. The event wishes a big thanks to the organizers which worked tireless on putting this event together this event year after year. Participants that came out Kayaking was awarded  in the various stages and those who braved to paddle on the heat and rough seas to race on the finish line.

On the first day it commence at the Lagoon side west of the island, where the Kayaker's gather in line for the count down. Travelling to the Lagona Cayo de frances brasilete area to San Juan, where they raced for first day.

Paddler's headed to the camp site where it was the challenging part, 1,000 feet to the beach and heading 1 mile south, where  Kayaker's camped for the first night in Basil Jones. Food, water and bathing supplies where provided at the camp site. On Sunday, at around  9.a.m the challenge part is where they paddled on the shallow water. The water was very rough and the participants had a beating on the way.

 At around 1.p.m. the race finished at the Central Park were fans gathered to watch the end of the race to cheer there team. It was Coco Beach which made it first. With more than 41 miles on paddling with rough water everyone still did a great job.

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