Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Where's the Beach?

Majority of the tourist are coming to see our fabulous beach in La Bonita San Pedro. They come to relax and here quietness in our island. Our community makes us famous for wonderful beach we have. People want to find areas  where they can swim or just avoid traffic by walking. the beach had its tide up or low and creates less beach or more beach. Since this construction had started it seems the beach will be gone. many residence use it to run, jog, and much more.  Since BC's had closed and construction has started on the beach, sea walls  are going up. The beach attracted But what do you think about this?  But, only is building this spot is building a seawall. Look down at banyan Bay. I went for a walk took photos of the seawalls construction. here are some few photo update since they had started.

We enjoy the Beach

Now we don't. a view at banyan Bay

Where is the beach? front of Banyan Bay Resort

Construction has started for seawall between Blue water gill an Hurricane's.


Looks a great areas is going.

Measurements for the wall.

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