Thursday, 20 February 2014

Belize in high ranking attraction

On this year's World Press Freedom Index Belize is more known in this small Caribbean country being singled out for ranking high in the 2014 World Press Freedom Index. Its beauty attraction in the international "Travel Destination" a Belizean eco resort owner of the Lodge Chaa Creek which is well known for sponsoring wide rang on educational and culture tours. In 1980s, Lucy Fleming owner of Chaa Creek a family in Belize who first eco resort along with her husband said " I consider freedom of press an essential part of Belize’s development not only as the Caribbean and Central America’s newest democracy, but as a more attractive tourism destination."

A press-released came out that on Wednesday San Pedro Ambergris Caye , Trip Advisor had selected for the second year in a row a  proud island  for its recognition and achievements. The island offers a variety of laid back tranquil, its welcoming people and modernize growth. From white sandy beach, to the mangroves edged on the island San Pedro one of the Belize's Largest island. Much popular for riding bikes and main transport cruise around town with your rented golf cart. The reasons why it attracts people are visiting the Blue-Hole, Snorkeling on the edge of the Barrier Reef, Famous fishes can be seen at approximately 400feet in Blue- hole surrounded with deep circle limestone angelfish, elkhorn coral, cleaner shrimp and stalactites. This island is a dream spot not crowded but a pleasant just to make yourself exciting. Walking flip-flop in war weather is just a perfect place to be.

Coming back to World Press Freedom Belize's previous high ranking in Belize makes all Belizean fair proud of our visitors can come to Belize. The 2014 World Press Freedom Index, had been collecting materials in international organization. In the 180 countries listed Belize was ranked in the top 15% and the second highest in the Caribbean and Central America by “Reporters Without Borders”(Reporters sans frontiers).

A special announcement in the website Belize received a enviously position 29th. One more in the last year's covers from the 280 countries. A comparison was made and the results were,  in the neighboring area of Belize Mexico came 151, USA 46.

In Belize's eco tourism, our beautiful landscape, its original unspoiled attraction, to the protected rainforest along with its discern views makes  Belize unique place to travel.

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