Tuesday, 15 October 2013

House of Culture entertainmnet weekend in Corozal

Oct 11th - It was an excellent lecture and presentation at the Corozal House of Culture by Mexican Historian Manuel Villanueva Enriquez of Chetumal MX, who eloquently spoke on the history of the Caste War and the Mestizo Culture and... the influences in Corozal and Orange Walk which the war played in our Belizean history. I personally learnt that there is so much in common between the people of Corozal and Chetumal. So much family ties. So much in the food we share. What a great lecture. Hats off to the Corozal House of Culture (NICH) and the organizers of COLCHA for bringing this great and important historical event to our doorsteps. If you weren't there then you missed out.

On Oct 12th There where many activities that took place at Corozal. It was a breezy, clear day, on the afternoon on Saturday, The teams from the Sailing Club Corozal, San Pedro, and Placencia raced away for the Regatta Race. Caye Caulker Sailing is a new group that just joined and they are getting their equipment's for the next race. They made a two hours race, that was an enjoyable race to see. As the people stood by watching the Regatta Race I went for a walk and there where food and drinks, Art painting, souviner's where on Sale.  At Seven pm on Saturday Night, The Coronation took place at the House of Culture. Miss Embassador 2012 said her finals words as miss 2013 was given the crown. The night started of with the Band "Corozalsa Band" and then "Caribbean Roots Band".  Corozasla Sang many different salsa songs and everyone dance the night of. The crowd sang as they herd their favourite song' where played. Caribbean Roots Band started the show with souls and the spiced up their show with punta, soca, reggae, salsa, cumbia.

Corozal Regatta Race on Saturday 12, Oct 13
The young team of Reggatta Racing toward mainland.
Food and Drinks where sold at Childrens Park.
Ready for race
Team coming back from racing

 Here are the winner's of the Reggatta race: Jorge Oliverez and Kevin Velasquez of the San Pedro Sailing Club who took first and second place. Taking the third place spot was Antonio Ricardez from Belize City. They did Such a great job racing on the water.

Corozalsa on The Below Video:

The Coronation of Misss Embassador 2013

Caribbean Roots Band:

It was perfect day to go out and have a good time out with the family. The day was clear and windy and it was not too hot. On Oct. 13, 2013 from 10am the day started as the Reggatta Race lined up for the second day of the race and all day cultural presentations - Arts & Craft on sale - Local Food, food where on Sale. The race was a fun time to see as some of them fought the wind to get that speed going. Steel Drum "PANERIFIA" played an excellent music beats and it had the crowd was enjoying the music playing.  Caribbean Roots played after the steel drum had finish. It was a weekend full of fun and full of enterainment you couldn't miss.

 PANERIFIA steel Drum Band:


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