Tuesday, 8 October 2013

An employee of the Customs in Belize , Javier Guerra Delmar Tun , was wounded by gun fire

An employee of the Customs in Belize , Javier Guerra Delmar Tun , was wounded by gun fire between the lower jaw and ear left side , in what possibly was a failed attempt to execution , because apparently the alleged assassin was the weapon jammed when he tried to make a second shot , he fled in a taxi which arrived .

 Jorge Alfredo Andrade Azueta , 364 taxi driver , was arrested on suspicion coparticipate suspect in this attack , recorded Monday afternoon in the restaurants in the town of Calderitas . Apparently the Belizean Customs is dedicated to drug dealing in their country of origin , so that the police indicated that their main line of research is an attempt to settle accounts of organized crime.

What could be a failed attempt to run was recorded Monday afternoon , at approximately 16:50 hours on the street with Tabasco and Yucatan, Oaxaca , in the community of Calderitas , restaurant next to the Manatee Sanctuary , in the restaurants .
In this place came first state police who were nearby, then judicial , municipal and paramedics Unit Emergency Medical Response ( Urem ) , the latter who immediately gave first aid to the injured and taken to General Hospital Chetumal , it had a wound caused by impact of gun fire between the lower jaw and left side ear .
 Data collected at the scene it was established that Delmar Tun Javier Guerra , about 41 years old , originally from Belize and Customs employee that Caribbean country , asked the taxi service Azueta Jorge Alfredo Andrade , 29 , who was for him the Walmart shopping center in the colony center state capital.
He asked her to take him to the restaurant The Manatee Sanctuary in Calderitas community where some people had said , so boarded the cab Chevrolet Spark, economic numbered license plates 364 and 64-60 , TPB , which moved up the street with Tabasco and Oaxaca Yucatan avenue .
Data provided also eyewitnesses to the facts establish that the Belizean sat on the bench under the shade of a tree , next to the aforementioned restaurant, while the taxi driver was standing and received a call, and informants claimed to have heard when the ruletero answered "yes , here it is green, we are waiting ," and hung up.

He spent less than a minute when a taxi , which indicate the characteristics not to remember , much less economic and plate number , which continued long, parked around the curve and down a subject of between 18-20 years old, thin, light brown skin , 1.70 tall, who wore striped shirt , pants and hat all blue .He went running to where he sat Delmar Tun Javier Guerra , who placed a square type gun toward the nape of the left side , about 5 or 10 feet away and shot him .

Informants narrated that observed when the alleged gunman tried to shoot a second time, but the gun was jammed , and had no more to flee in haste and boarded the taxi in which he came and fled immediately, what they asked for support because the Belizean bleeding profusely from the mouth.
According Urem paramedics , the Belizean presented a wound caused by gun fire between the lower jaw and right side ear , but he was conscious , and he was taken to the General Hospital for proper medical care.

Delmar Tun Javier Guerra could hardly speak , and told the soldiers be Belizean birth and working in the Caribbean country Customs , who was accompanied by Jorge Alfredo Andrade Azueta , 29 , taxi driver 364, with 64 plates - 60 - TPB , the latter said that today serves injured constant .
The ruletero mentioned that Monday afternoon ''I phoned to ask for the service and then to Walmart Calderitas village , next to the restaurant The Manatee Sanctuary .''

Unlike the version of the eyewitnesses , Andrade Azueta the Belizean reported that there was expected by a subject of build , dark complexion, medium height, same hat wearing blue jeans and striped shirt of the same color .

He said ''the guy approached him Delmar Javier and fired the shot , and as the driver , trying to make another shot , he threw his cell phone and ran aggressor'' , which witnesses said did not happen.
Although local police , state and judicial unable to locate the suspect , much less the taxi where he fled because they had no features of this unit , Azueta Andrade was arrested by investigators, who assured him five cell , three carried and two others were in the taxi .

All indications are that it was an attempt to run , as the State Judicial Police have ruled out an assault treated , so it will be in the coming hours to report thereon of its research .Note that this execution attempt caused fear among the residents and merchants of the town, by the bloody events that have occurred in recent days , and fear that what happened this afternoon it is a settling of accounts between drug traffickers and that scenes like this are repeated constantly.

Also witnessed the attack reported that a child of about five years old playing in the sand, a few inches from where I was the Belizean and said that if the alleged assassin had failed, possibly the child had been injured .Note that unofficially you could find Javier Guerra Tun Delmar engages in retail drug sales in the country of Belize , so it looks like it was a settling of scores between " shooters " .

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