Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Harvest Caye to be Build in tourist destination

It has been weeks since the project was publish in the news about Harvest Caye. and their is an unbalance agreements and disagreements of the project. Stake Bank Project is on the environmental table for discussion and analysis  to discuss the proposed cruise destination that Norwegian Cruise Line wants to build on the island Harvest Caye in southern Belize. In 2009 Environmental Impact Assessment was already approved for Harvest Caye. NCL did not confirm the point of the porject as yet. The latest dealings regarding the Harvest Caye port construction project between Government and Norwegian Cruise Line Prime Minister Dean Barrow said ''40% of what is happening now will be new. NCL wants to employ the port for only 150 days per year, leaving the port vacant for some 215 days. We took well into consideration the fact that they would not be using it all year round.''

Chief Environmental Officer Martin Alegria NEAC discuss in the meeting, ''that the agenda major is State Bank and is still having deliberations. NEAC wants to makes some discisions based on types of proposal and the long terms basis. This developement is seen in two phrase. One that had an airstrip and the next one had triestle-way meaning that cruise ship can park in the island.'' explained Alegria.
Since that their was an MOU a balance of drafting on both parties side were in a binding contract. Dean Barrow had promised that in the binding contract, where either not understood by or the NCL didn't understood the terms of the binding contract.

on the meeting their weren't any final meeting while things was just geting started because there were not enough time. in 2006 State Bank first came to prominence to re-load the the version of the project when the EIA was completed in 2006.

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