Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Felicia Chen a mother of three, was remanded behind Bar

On Tuesday morning Felicia Chen appeared  before magistrate's court along with Cheif Magistrate Ann Marie Smith her attorny Antoinette Moore. The women was accused on trying to drown all four of her children back in April 27, but one escaped and survived. She was charged back in April as acts which defy the nature of motherhood and three other charges. It's been four months since she was charged. The Magistrate's Court will be treated her court case as any other defendant. Chen's Psychiatrist mention that her case is being treated very delicated, she is being danger for herself. Report's sent out late, at the time of finding a pyschatrist, Ministry of Health did not have a psychatrist working at the time. Psychatrist Dr. Wesley Quimbo was signed on by G.O.B. and evaluated Chen. She's been receiving treatment at the facility ever since her arraignment, and stood for trial on Tuesday morning. here phsycatrist mention that, Chen is still being treat as a fragile person to face the eyes of the public appearance. Attorneys agreed with the court on an adjournment date. A warrant was signed for Chen and she was taken to Belize Central Prison, which Chen spent her first night on Tuesday.She will be sent back for court case on November 8, 2013.

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